Krissy's Memorial
Krissy rests in a small graveyard at Lamar Baptist Church in Delhi, Louisiana.  This is the church her father grew up in.  We spent many happy times there as a family.  Krissy is buried next to her favorite Uncle Larry.

When I began the task of designing Krissy's memorial I had no idea where to start.  I turned to the internet for guidance.  I searched many websites and talked to several custom monument makers but wasn't satisfied with what I found.  I learned a lot about headstones and started on the design.

I had decided I wanted to use an Angel that Krissy had given me for Christmas in the design.  I took pictures of the Angel.  I knew I wanted a poem on the back.  One day I put I'm An Angel in Heaven in a search engine and I came up with a lovely poem called I'm an Angel Now (author unknown).  I took a few of the words and changed them up a bit.  It will read

                              I WAS CHOSEN BY THE LORD ABOVE
                             AND NOW I'M IN HIS CARE
                             TAKE A LOOK INSIDE YOUR HEART
                             I AM ALWAYS THERE

                             I'M AN ANGEL IN HEAVEN NOW
                             MY SPIRIT IS SET FREE
                             I'M AN ANGEL IN HEAVEN NOW
                             NO NEED TO WEEP FOR ME

I started searching for a monument maker again and eventually ended up at the website of West Stone Works.  After reading their welcome page I knew I had found the right people to do Krissy's Memorial.  I talked to Paul West and found him to be a wonderful man.  I knew I was at the right place.  I sent them them the pictures of Krissy's Angel and the words and poem and left the design up to them.  They quickly emailed me a rendering of the headstone.  I was thrilled.  It is now a work in progress as you can see.  Soon the headstone will return to Memphis.  The words will be cut in the stone and it will be shipped to its destination in Delhi, Louisiana.

My Thanks go to Missy and Paul West.  They are truly Earth Angels and I am very happy to have chosen them to make a lasting tribute to Krissy.
For more information on custom monuments please visit the West Stone Works Website.
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Delhi, LA 71232
Map to Krissy's Resting Place.  Click on the map for more options.